Art Hackathon

Fifty artists-hackers and hacker-artists get together over a weekend in a big space to create an art exhibit from scratch and demonstrate the expressive potential of new technology and the power of radical collaboration in art. The digital works of art created include, but are not limited to interactive installations, visualizations, web services, small physical objects and more. - See more at:

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What is a Hackathon? It is an event in which people from various backgrounds collaborate intensively in a short timespan to develop something awesome.

What is an Art Hackathon? An Art Hackathon is a hackathon where creatives and technologists collaborate in order to create digital works of art. These include, but are not limited to, interactive installations, visualizations of data, web services or small physical objects.

Why are you doing this? We are very enthusiastic about the expressive potential of machines and we believe in non-utilitarian beauty through technology. This all becomes even more exciting and fun when one gets to collaborate with other people in a short, intensive sprint.

Who should apply? Anyone possessing some technical/artistic skill should apply. We welcome web developers, musicians, software architects, painters, textile hackers, hardware geeks, designers, architects, scientists and everyone inbetween. As long as you have something you can contribute to a team you are welcome to register for the event.

How can I apply? To apply, please fill out the registration form, with some information about you, your background and your reasons for wanting to participate. The submission deadline is midnight 3rd of May, 2015. There are only 50 places at the event and we will screen applications to make sure that we create a good balance of skills and backgrounds. Successful applicants will be notified a few days later. Participants will be asked to pay a £20 registration fee to attend the Hackathon.

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