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This Week at Hackspace - 8th March 2017

Another busy Monday meeting this week - activities included: Starting to build cheap Chinese oscilloscope kits (Archie and Toby) Controlling addressable RGB LEDs from a Raspberry Pi Zero W (James M) (Finally) laser cutting the signs for our landlords with engraving laminate (Marion) Making a machine to seal the ends of balloons on the laser cutter (Nicholas) Laser cutting a template for vinyl flooring sizes (Barny) Continuing improvements to the workshop area (Alan S and others) Wiring up a (home-made) plywood floor lamp (Steve) Inflating modelling balloons with the air compressor, and making...
Posted on Mar 11, 2017

This Week at Hackspace - 1st March 2017

Good mix of activities on Monday this week. Neil was in the workshop creating plenty of wood chips on the lathe. James brought in an xBox One Kinect Camera (v2) which was used for 3d scanning and skeleton tracking via the windows SDK. Now the plug packs have come down in cost there seems to be plenty of hacking potential here - A definite upgrade on the 360 Kinects we have been using. Tim 3D printed a couple of designs his son had put together in Blender and the laser cutter got some use as well: Alan laser cut a spool holder he designed for his 3D printer. We started a 'members' projects' wh...
Posted in Weekly Blog Posts on Mar 01, 2017

This Week at Hackspace - 22nd Feb 2017

This week at hackspace is much quieter compared to last week. On Monday…. Toby and I worked on the Shapeoko CNC project which has stalled slightly. Got it moving and cutting but still need to tweak the config. James M, Alan S, Philip and others continued work on the new workbench Philip was playing with analogue sensors and arduino Tim and Nicholas were working with Blender, making model planes Marion was test-lasercutting signage for our landlords Dan, James M and others tried 3D scanning using an XBox Kinect camera Everyone played with Dan’s seriously cool robotic arm, and many AA batterie...
Posted in Weekly Blog Posts on Feb 22, 2017

Norwich Young Makers Club

Norwich Young Makers Club is running open access drop-in sessions for 8-18 year olds and their parents to help them to get familiar with tech projects and coding. Sessions run every fortnight on Saturday afternoons 2-4pm
Posted on Jan 24, 2017

Laser etching a MacBook

Can you laser engrave a Macbook without frying it?
Posted in Laser cutter on Oct 11, 2016

Laser cutter has arrived!

After a long wait we finally took deliver of a fine Greyfin A2 laser cutter. LASER all the things!
Posted in Laser cutter on Aug 15, 2016

New Hackspace Home

The Men's shed has provided us with a home for nearly a year now. While they have been gracious hosts we have always planned to have our own space. We currently have access to Men's shed for 4 hours a week and with the new space we will be able to open everyday. Architekton The developers Architekton have a £100 millon development project in process which will convert several large buildings into housing, shops and resturants. Read more in this EDP article: As planning can take a very long time Archi...
Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Laser Cutter

Friggin Lasers! Most hackspaces have a laser cutter and they are considered invaluable by most members. Lots of people join a hackspace for access to a laser cutter and then stay when they realise what else is on offer. So we need one partly to attract new members but also because we really ant to play with one. What to buy There are lots of options when it comes to makes & models of cutter. As you would expect if you go high end you have to pay a lot of money. For example a Epilog Zing 16 30 Watt Laser is £9600 to purchase and the replacement laser tubes come close to a grand each. You do get...
Posted in Laser cutter on Jul 26, 2016

Car Speedo

How to upgrade an old mechanical speedo with GPS and Ardunio
Posted on May 31, 2016

Beginners Welding course

Learning to Weld I have been self teaching myself welding for a year or so. I picked up the cheapest entry level MIG (Clarke Pro 90 MIG Welder) off ebay and just went at it. Some other kind folks at Hackspace (Steve and Neil) showed me some arc (MMA = manual metal arc) and gave me some time on a proper MIG setup which made be realise how "Pro" has no place in the name of my Clarke Pro 90. So when another member (Barny) posted a Beginners and Improvers Welding course at Easton college I thought it would be a good idea to get some proper training and fun too. So this is what we learnt. What is...
Posted on May 06, 2016