• These Weeks at Hackspace - 15th and 22nd March

    Posted in Weekly Blog Posts on Mar 27, 2017

    This week (I may have forgotten last week's post!) the hackspace was a little quiet but still lots going on, including:

    • Birthday cakes for Tim and Ben (Tim's cake was rather excellently cooked by Nicholas)
    • Archie, Dan, Ann and Barny tried some SMD soldering, and also tried to convert a toaster oven to do reflow with not much success and a lot of melted components
    • Ben showed off his awesome 3DPburner DIY laser engraver
    • More testing and development work was done on the ESP8266/Accelerometer project (and a prototype PCB was designed and ordered)
    • Lots of chatting on how best to measure laser cutt...

  • This Week at Hackspace - 1st March 2017

    Posted in Weekly Blog Posts on Mar 01, 2017

    Good mix of activities on Monday this week.

    Neil was in the workshop creating plenty of wood chips on the lathe. James brought in an xBox One Kinect Camera (v2) which was used for 3d scanning and skeleton tracking via the windows SDK. Now the plug packs have come down in cost there seems to be plenty of hacking potential here - A definite upgrade on the 360 Kinects we have been using.

    Tim 3D printed a couple of designs his son had put together in Blender and the laser cutter got some use as well: Alan laser cut a spool holder he designed for his 3D printer. We started a 'members' projects' wh...

  • This Week at Hackspace - 22nd Feb 2017

    Posted in Weekly Blog Posts on Feb 22, 2017

    This week at hackspace is much quieter compared to last week. On Monday….

    • Toby and I worked on the Shapeoko CNC project which has stalled slightly. Got it moving and cutting but still need to tweak the config.
    • James M, Alan S, Philip and others continued work on the new workbench
    • Philip was playing with analogue sensors and arduino
    • Tim and Nicholas were working with Blender, making model planes
    • Marion was test-lasercutting signage for our landlords
    • Dan, James M and others tried 3D scanning using an XBox Kinect camera
    • Everyone played with Dan’s seriously cool robotic arm, and many AA batterie...